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Clientele: Child and adolesent (0-18 years), parent coaching, family therapist. Developmental disorders, behavioral issues, social difficulties, school difficulties, adaptation, attachement, anxiety, depression, sleep difficulties. Lisa Campisi has over 13 years experience as a clinical psychologist in Quebec and internationally. She obtained her doctorate (Ph.D.) at Concordia University et has since practiced in various settings including hospitals (specialized clinic, child psychiatry, research institute), as well as private practice. She is specialized... ... ( View profile )

INDIVIDUAL OR COUPLES SESSION - 18 + YEARS OLD Dominique has always been inhabited by an unwavering confidence in the ability of the human being to get out of his difficulties, a respect for the other in all his difference and his right to determine his life, a passion for the human being and his motivations as well as an infinite curiosity in the face of these differences that make... ... ( View profile )

As a psychoeducators, I often compares myself to a detective. And it is by seeking together to understand the current portrait of their situation that I can equip and guide the person who consults me (or their parents) towards concrete means to optimize their ability to adapt. Parental coaching, screening, occasional or regular consultations, 0-5 years with parents. 6 years and over with parents and/or individually. TEENS. You are all... ... ( View profile )

Working with people who feel uneasy or stuck and do not know how to resolve something (either a particular issue or a long-standing situation) has been the core of David Mibashan’s work for the past 35 years. David perceives himself as a partner with his/her clients in getting to the centre of the issues. Listening to the clients and letting them know that they have been understood, allows for facing... ... ( View profile )

On vacation from August 3 to 16. *Veterans and first responders are welcome!* Paola María Akl Moanack, Head of Clinical Development at Meetual, is one of the pioneers of online psychotherapy in Quebec. With more than 16 years of clinical experience, she has invested the last two years in the online clinic which offers a versatile practice catering to a diverse clientele in age, cultural background, sexual orientation, and reasons... ... ( View profile )

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