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Paola María Akl Moanack, Head of Clinical Development at Meetual, is one of the pioneers of online psychotherapy in Quebec. With more than 13 years of clinical experience, she has invested the last two years in the online clinic which offers a versatile practice catering to a diverse clientele in age, cultural background, sexual orientation, and reasons for consultation. She uses an approach influenced by ethnopsychiatry, the differential approach and... ... ( View profile )

******DOESN'T SEE NEW PATIENTS: ONLY PATIENTS WHO HAVE ALREADY HAD A APPOINTMENT CAN RESERVE*******Myriam Blanchette-Sylvestre obtained a doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the University of Montreal. She has more than ten years of experience in the field of intervention / counseling with teenagers and adults. Her experience is diverse: she has been a trainee and has worked for community organizations, CLSCs, academic field and also private clinics, where she has... ... ( View profile )

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